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- Enrolment is opened throughout the year.

- A trial session may be arranged to assess the child's suitability and readiness for Twinkle Stars Montessori (TSM)'s preschool and enrichment courses.

- There is no obligation for parents or TSM to start the child on any programme regardless of

   the outcome of the trial.  

Terms of Payment

- All fees paid are non-refundable.

- Fees are collected termly for preschool programmes and monthly for enrichment programmes.

- Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer.

- Cheques should be crossed and made payable to "Twinkle Stars Montessori".

- Payment of fees must be made before the date of commencement.

Classes & programmes

- The school reserves the right to reschedule existing classes or to cancel new classes and programmes.

- Payment collected for the cancellation of new classes and programmes will be refunded.


- The deposit will be refunded when a one month notice of intent to withdraw is given in writing, otherwise, the deposit shall be forfeited.

- All monthly or termly fees collected are non-refundable.


- No refund or make-up session/s will be arranged when the child misses a class due to medical clearance.

- Refund of paid fees may be possible if child misses a class due to family’s travel plans. However, parents need to inform the school at least two weeks in advance.

Public and School Holidays

- The school will be closed on all public holidays and official school holidays (as designated by Ministry of Education).

- There will be no make-up session/s or refund of fees due to the above holidays.

- Term breaks are only applicable to preschool courses.


- The school uniform must be worn at all time for students enrolled in TSM preschool programmes.

- Students are encouraged to be pleasantly attired and neat at all time.

- Students may bring along additional warm clothing (e.g. Jacket, cardigans, sweaters etc).

School Bus Service

- Computation of the school bus fare is based on a yearly basis, divided into 12 equal payments.

- Fees are collected monthly and on the first day of each month.

- December bus fare is collected in January, June bus fare is collected in May.

- Paid fees are non-refundable.

- School bus arrangement can be made through the school.

Taking of Photographs and Videos

- As part of the school's requirement to compile continuous progress report for each child, mainly still pictures will be taken of each child during their activities.

- The school reserved the right to use these pictures in the progress report and TSM's advertising materials and media.

- Should parents have any objection concerning the use of their child's pictures, the school will comply without questions.

- Only educators of TSM are authorised to take photographs and videos in our centre. Otherwise, it is not permitted unless authorised by the Management in writing.