Little Artists Little Engineers Little Scientists School Holiday Programmes Little Scientists Little Engineers Little Artists 6440 0983 Mail: English Language Camp Let’s be creative! Little Artists "Creative Water Colour" "Tile Painting" "Soft Clay Modelling" "Canvas Painting" "Canvas Fashion" "Chinese Watercolour" (Conducted by our Montessori teachers.) 2018 November Chalk Art - “Colours & Shades” (in Chinese) Creative Paper Craft - “Decoupage”
(Age group: 3 ~ 9 year-old) We introduce a specific theme for each programme. Children explore and discover the various arts and crafts technique, learn to master important basic skills.  We encourage kids to be bold, to be creative. (Age group: 3 ~ 9 year-old) Programmes are sensorial and hands-on. Kids explore and learn basic arts and crafts know-how, techniques and creative ideas. Inspiring kids to think, work and create out-of-the-box!