Little Artists Little Engineers Little Scientists School Holiday Programmes Little Scientists Little Engineers Little Artists 6440 0983 Mail: English Language Camp Chinese Speech & Drama   - 表演游戏 “小蝌蚪找妈妈” Chinese Language Camp - 华文营 2019 十二月 学校假期节目 “传统风筝和现代风筝” “谈谈蛋” “奇妙的液体” “北京城之北京炸酱面” TSM's sensorial  approach to the mastery of   Chinese language.   赞! (Conducted by our Chinese teachers) “小小戏迷” (Age group: 3 ~ 9 year-old) A sensorial approach to the appreciation, application and mastery of the Chinese language.  Conducted entirely in Chinese by qualified teachers. Plenty of hands-on activities in a Chinese language-rich environment.